Dear Violin Teachers and Parents Worldwide -

Now that all 24 sections of my Violinland books have been completed
and are gaining in popularity around the world, I receive many
inquiries from parents seeking a teacher who uses my method and
who lives in their area.

As a courtesy to both teachers and parents I have decided to devise this
online teachers' registry. To reach it, CLICK THE LARGE TRIANGLE BELOW.

Teachers, I'd like to hear from you! Just send me your general location
(country, state, nearest city), your studio e-mail address and (optionally)
your phone number. I'll be happy to add your name to my list.

Parents of budding violinists, please avail yourselves of this list and, hopefully,
your children will find the teacher of their dreams.

This Teachers' Registry should bring our Givens Method community
closer together. More important: you will all be joining hands with
like-minded violinists, teachers, parents and students, who want to make
string teaching and playing an ever joyful musical experience, which is
what it should be!

With best wishes,

Shirley Givens

Dear Loyal Users of the Shirley Givens "Adventures In Violinland"
Book Series -

As many of you may know, our beloved Shirley passed away peacefully last year
after a lingering illness, teaching to the very end.

I am her husband and co-producer of these wonderful ěAdventures in Violinland"
books. I want to assure you that I and my son, the well-known Cajun fiddler Kevin
Wimmer and my daughter Tiana (who were some of Shirley's earliest violin students),
have every intention of keeping this Teachersí Registry going and current.

To this end you can help by letting us know of any changes to your listing via the
email below.
Also, we are fully engaged in keeping these 24 books in print and up-to-date.
In fact, donít be surprised if several new titles from the Shirley Givens
archives make their appearance in due time!

With much love,

Harry,Kevin & Tiana Wimmer


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